Lending a Helping Hand

Interstates team members smiling while volunteering at a food bank.

Jessica Regnerus | August 15, 2023

Making a difference with our clients and communities is one of our why statements, a purposeful statement that we try to live out. Even during their busy season at work, our teams have been on a roll getting involved in their communities. With over ten community projects across various office locations and events, the spirit of giving back shines brightly.

Two Years of Impact and Many More to Go

To be intentional with making a difference in our communities, we launched a company-wide program called Engage in 2021. Our goal was to complete 8-12 projects a year. Our team members' passion for the people and places where they live has far surpassed this goal. As of now, we have completed 62 projects through the program. These projects have ranged from working at food shelters, working with Habitat for Humanity, hosting a toy drive, writing encouragement notes, and much more! Take a look at some of these exciting projects!

Serving This Summer

  • Our accounting team joined forces in May, volunteering with the Sack Pack Program to provide meals for local children in Sioux Center, IA.
  • In June, our Sioux Center, IA offices took on their annual commitment to clean up a 3-mile highway stretch. A dozen team members took on this task, even finding halves of a $20 bill.
  • Fourteen of our amazing interns teamed up with the Sioux Falls Parks Department to tidy up a Sioux Falls, SD, road. They even had a few critter encounters along the way!
  • In Omaha, NE, our safety team spent a fulfilling afternoon at the Food Bank for the Heartland in Omaha, assembling over 230 boxes and 1,856 bags.
  • A dedicated team volunteered with Volunteers of America in Sioux Falls, SD. They assembled furniture destined to make a difference in the lives of families in the area. Each piece will find a new home in a house for a family in need.

The program's future looks bright as we see new passions and organizations to serve in our areas. We're excited to have our team members lead this charge and share their excitement with each new project.