Finding a Balanced Approach to AI

Side profile of a face and brain.

David Krahling | April 16, 2024

Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham, known for his unique characters, has two that do an excellent job representing my personal views on artificial intelligence (AI). Peanut is a green-haired, purple-skinned fireball who enthuses maniacally about almost anything. Walter, on the other hand, is an aging curmudgeon who expresses his cynicism about the challenges of modern life. When it comes to AI, I find myself embodying both personalities.

The Impact of AI

At times, I am wildly optimistic about AI’s potential impact on so many different aspects of our work world. It is difficult not to be impressed by some of the possibilities. In a moment of Peanut-like enthusiasm, I asked ChatGPT for some help summarizing an idea I wanted to explore for this article, specifically, applying John Naisbitt’s principles from High Tech, High Touch to the adoption of AI.

Here is ChatGPT’s summary:

John Naisbitt’s book “High Tech, High Touch” was published in 1999, and it emphasizes the importance of balancing technological advancements (high tech) with a human-centered, personal approach (high touch). While the specific strategies businesses employ can vary, two general ways in which companies may implement the ideas from Naisbitt’s book are Personalized Marketing and Humanizing Technology.

That’s a pretty good answer to a simple question. ChatGPT is just one of thousands of AI applications out there, and summarizing a simple research question is only a modest example of what may be possible. The technology is improving at an impressive pace, and the possibilities seem limitless.

Artificial intelligence is moving quickly through the innovation and early adoption phases of the technology adoption lifecycle. For some, it will be tempting to want to tap the brakes, to be a skeptic and to doubt the potential. Too much Walter-like cynicism, though, may leave you in the laggard category.

While there may be instances where AI is irrationally hyped and oversold, at Interstates, we are eagerly and wisely exploring all the different ways AI might be integrated into our business and our customers’ businesses for improvement and progress. John Naisbitt asserted that as sophisticated technology continues to advance, there needs to be a corresponding increase in rational and thoughtful dialogue about how best to leverage that technology. At Interstates, we’ve built our brand around helping clients do exactly that. We may not have all the answers, but together, we can explore the possibilities of where investments in AI technologies may yield dividends for you.