Tyson Foods, Inc. 2018 Project

Inside view of a bottling facility.

Interstates performed the electrical construction installation on the process equipment for the Tyson Foods, Inc. pepperoni plant expansion located in Council Bluffs, IA. With extreme scheduling demands and the plant still in production mode, Interstates’ electrical construction team had to be two steps ahead at all times, relying on prefabrication, visual planning procedures, and other creative measures to meet their goals. The expansion included adding dry rooms, coolers, freezer and shipping docks, along with additional production equipment. Interstates executed the process electrical installation on this major plant expansion.

Key Scope Components

Interstates installed 171,000 feet of wire and cable, 19,901 feet of conduit and 9,500 feet of cable tray. In addition, we installed 125 motors and wired 310 devices.

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