Tyson Bowling Green Project

Inside view of a bottling facility.

Interstates was pulled in early for a greenfield project as a design-assist partner, working hand-in-hand with Tyson and the design team to align the design, budget, and schedule. As the project progressed, Interstates also provided automation and instrumentation solutions. This project demonstrated Interstates’ commitment to innovative technologies, timely execution, and tailored client solutions. This project is a prime example of how Interstates’ expertise in industrialized construction and a strong commitment to client-focused solutions can yield exceptional results. Early engagement and proactive design involvement, with a focus on constructability, helped us deliver a successful project for this client.

Key Scope Components

  • Interstates utilized building information modeling (BIM) and depended on thorough constructability analysis to meet Tyson’s goals on this project, which involved developing a strategic, detailed cable tray layout, medium-voltage distribution, and gear.
  • Interstates’ expertise in industrialized construction was put to good use with the installation of medium-voltage distribution, low-voltage distribution, and refrigeration starters.
  • Interstates was resourceful in meeting Tyson’s specific needs, particularly regarding conduit supports that met good manufacturing practice (GMP) quality standards and insulated metal panel penetration details. Our tailored approach involved seeking out cost-saving measures and efficiency enhancements that would benefit the client in the long term.

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