Green Thumb Commodities Project

Outside view of a grain facility.

During a new project at Green Thumb’s Jefferson, SD, location, Interstates provided complete engineering design, controls automation, instrumentation installation, and construction services. The goal of the project was to tie two facilities together using an automated system. Interstates brought both facilities, from two completely different eras in grain handling, together seamlessly with the help of communication and prefabrication.

Key Scope Components

Interstates is always looking for ways to add value and save time. On this project, roll-out lighting was a small solution that helped in a big way. The Interstates prefab shop built roll-out lighting that utilized the facility’s permanent lighting fixtures. Another time saver involved wiring for control panels. The prefab shop prespooled all the wiring that would go between two cabinets. Once it was on site, they just had to pull it in and terminate it versus having to run all that wire. To keep the facility and workers safe, Interstates installed specific hazard monitoring devices such as bearing temperature monitors, rub blocks, plug sensors, and motion sensors.

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