Center Fresh Group Project

Outside view of a food processing facility with mountains in the landscape.

Interstates helped the Center Fresh Group meet its goal with the electrical design and construction of three cage-free layer buildings, utilizing pre-planning, effective collaboration with other trades, and time-saving prefabrication to keep the project on schedule. Each building, boasting four levels and two barns per structure, was designed to accommodate 62,500 birds per level, prioritizing both space and animal welfare.

Key Scope Components

  • Interstates partnered with Connected Electric, a consortium of local electrical contractors, to procure, install, and wire critical components such as electrical power distribution gear, emergency backup power systems, specialized poultry management control panels, and a new truck scale with a grain probe.
  • Effective planning was the key to meeting project deadlines. Weekly meetings facilitated seamless communication and coordination among specialized poultry companies, contractors, and subcontractors.
  • Using our local prefab shop, we expedited construction and elevated safety on this project. Over 3,958 hours were spent at the shop building the main electric room and underground conduit components, yielding notable time savings on-site.

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