Analytics Security Dashboad Project

Inside view of a bottling facility.

Interstates designed and implemented a single pane of glass PowerBI OT security dashboard based in the Azure data platform. The dashboard presents near real-time data of the client’s patching, antivirus, backup, and asset security information for 125 sites.

Key Scope Components

One-stop Dashboard - Display in single pane of glass dashboard in PowerBI of antivirus, OS patching, backup, and device status for all Factory IT devices contained in multiple data sources.

Cloud Integration - Integrated operational security data from antivirus, patching, backup, and asset security data into the clients Azure data cloud. Interstates had to add new Azure components to the cloud data environment to perform the real-time data integration and reporting.

Compliance - Defined OT compliance benchmarks with client OT leaders, and automatically analyzed data based on those compliance benchmarks.

Historical trending - Integrated historical system data into new cloud architecture and compliance metrics to display historical trends of OT system health.

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