Let’s Talk Automation: Take Control of Your Grain Facility

Our new Grain Management Automation offer gives facility owners safe and reliable control of their facility to increase uptime and move product. By providing operators start/stop control, equipment monitoring and interlocking they will have simple and safe control of your plant.

  1. Inventory Shrink: This automated offer can help automate, receiving, storage, loadout, and other systems, which reduces the opportunities for quality problems and inventory shrink.
  2. Equipment Damage: Facility owners need to service all equipment at some point, but either you choose, or the equipment does. To stay in control of preventative maintenance, you can automate aspects of this process rather than leaving it to chance.
  3. Energy Costs: Since many facilities are charged based on peak energy usage, this can become a problem when equipment is starting haphazardly. Automation can control and even out peak energy usage, thus reducing overall energy cost.

Learn about this new offer at here.


Working Close to Home

This article was originally published in Current Connections Spring 2020┬áissue. Headquartered in Sioux Center, IA, we've completed projects across the United States and even internationally.…

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