Interstates Foundation: Habitat for Humanity Project

At Interstates, we believe in providing opportunities for our people. Service projects that involve the Interstates family are a key part of the Interstates Foundation. These opportunities allow us to serve our communities and build lasting relationships within our Interstates family. On February 27, our team participated in a service project through Sioux Falls Habitat for Humanity. The project consisted of cabinet and flooring work and painting. We sat down with some of our employees who participated to get their thoughts, comments, and reactions – here’s what we found out!

What did you enjoy most about serving with Habitat and the Interstates Foundation?

The project allowed employees from different teams and divisions to work together which was a great way to collaborate with people we don’t work with on a regular basis. Not only did we enjoy working together, it was incredibly rewarding to know the work we were doing was making a difference for a family in need.

What do you feel went well?

Everything was well organized which made sign up and participation very easy. The Habitat for Humanity team was knowledgeable and provided us guidance throughout the project. It was great to have an opportunity to make an impact in our community.

What did you find most challenging?

Many of us had never worked together before, which was a challenge as we didn’t know everyone’s experience levels. Although some of us were meeting for the first time, we quickly became better acquainted through the project which was a fun way to get to know other employees.

Visit our Facebook Page to see photos from the project!


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