Interstates Completes The Contractors Workforce Development Assessment


Interstates Commits to Employee Development by Completing the CWDA.

Interstates Construction recently completed the Contractors Workforce Development Assessment (CWDA). The CWDA is an assessment tool that objectively measures a contractor’s commitment to the training and development of their employees. The purpose of the CWDA is to enforce the importance of development and make it a key criteria for clients, just as quality, schedule and safety are key to the selection process. The CWDA allows owners and clients another way to evaluate the effectiveness of the contractor’s training programs and commitment to employee development.

The assessment indicates, “Interstates Construction Services, Inc. is an organization that is clearly committed to the development of its workforce. Management has made a substantial financial investment in technical training as well as leadership development, with extensive tracking of data and direct feedback systems to assist in the analysis and continuous improvement of its programs.”

Interstates received a score of 92.67%. Industry scoring data also indicates that companies with scores at or above 90% also reported lower safety incidents and favorable EMR rates. The research validates that contractors with strong CWDA scores also have better safety performance records.

According to Denise Norberg-Johnson, Auditor, “information provided consistently supported the conclusion that, in a highly specialized business requiring continuous updating of skills, Interstates has documented both its philosophy and commitment to a multifaceted system of implementation. This organization and its executive management clearly understand the relationship between employee development and success in the marketplace, as shown by the glowing reports from customers and industry awards earned.”