Improving Job Site Safety, Productivity and Quality

Light affects every part of our day and it’s something many of us take for granted. Yet for our crews, having proper light on a job site was a constant challenge. One of the areas on a construction site that has frequent activity and possible poor lighting is the temporary power skids. Crew members need to plug in cords to power tools and equipment. While accessing these skids with full daylight is a non-issue, many of our crews start and end their days in the dark. These skids can also be in areas of high foot traffic. So when our site leaders, planners and shop started discussing temporary site lighting they knew that there had to be a way to provide basic lighting, easily, to the temp power skids. And what they developed was the Temp Power Skid Lighting Kit.

This kit attaches to our existing temp power skids providing general area lighting. The lighting provided helps crew members walking in the area look for hazards that may be in the area. It also provides lighting for crew members that need to access the electrical connection on the temp power skid. The kit uses a cord and plug connection to an existing outlet making electrical install very easy. And by using the temp power skids GFCI breakers the light has the electrical safety protections already designed into the temp power skid. Control is handled using a dusk to dawn controller on the light so no one has to remember to turn the lights on or off. And when it’s time for the temp power skid to be shipped back to InterFab all you need to do is lower the light down for shipping.

While a light on a temp power skid doesn’t seem like a Safety, Productivity or Quality enhancing item it absolutely is. Safety is improved by providing additional light allowing crewmembers to assess for hazards. Productivity is improved by being able to easily access the temp power skid. Quality is improved when it’s easy to do the job right. It’s easy to run the extension cord vs making do with the wrong tool.

Constantly striving to make things better is what I love about working at Interstates. We had a need for better lighting at our temp power skids. So instead of making a one-off light design to help one site, we now have a standard light that works on all our temp power skids. Helping improve the safety, productivity and quality of Interstates.


Jeremy Oliver, Interstates Quality Assurance Developer


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