Great People Empowered By Great Systems

Building an Exceptional Team

What does it take to build and set up an exceptional team? Interstates Construction has a component of this featured in their strategy map. We refer to this piece as “Exceptional People.” However, it has really evolved over time as we learn more about how broad this topic is. Over the last year, we’ve worked to develop a “Talent War” strategy. This has also caused us to look closely at what really makes a difference in empowering our talent and turning it loose to win for our clients.

My realization is that leaders are responsible for the “infrastructure” that allows people to excel. This includes the systems to execute and the systems to develop and grow. Recently, while reading about customer service, the author made a point that if management hasn’t developed the standard processes to ensure great service, we have left it to chance and made it much too hard for our employees. With that little push to my thinking, I realized that well done standards, clear processes, lean exercises, clear expectations, training, and great feedback are the infrastructure to make access to the destination easier. For instance, think about a nice wide, smooth road. The destination is exceptional people performing at the top of their game.

Talent Development

There are certainly other elements to our Talent War strategy, but this thought has forced me to look deeper in our organizations for the operational details that support talent development. We cannot out recruit, out train, out expect, or out manage poor systems. They are mutually required and mutually reinforcing. Ultimately, they work together. I’ve been thinking about it as great people empowered by great systems. This is simply my catchphrase for what I believe needs to be done.

As leaders who influence others, what are we doing to build that road for our people? What is something you can do to build the road for your team’s development and success? Share your answer in the comments and challenge yourself to start today!


Keep leading the Interstates way!

Dave Crumrine, Interstates Construction President


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