Every Conversation

This week’s blog post comes from Dave Crumrine.

I recently spent time listening to and studying a speaker whose primary point was:

“Every conversation is an opportunity to create the future.”

As humans, we spend our days in conversation. The better we are at engaging in conversation, the better we will be at impacting the world in a positive way.

Think about it. What is a relationship without conversation? Whether it is a meeting, 1-on-1 time, or a chat while driving down the road with someone else in the front seat of your car, we learn through conversations. We persuade through conversations. We educate and train in conversations. If we want to end a relationship, what do we do? We stop having conversations! 

This really impacted me. Through every conversation, I have the opportunity to make an impact. Am I prepared for that? Am I vulnerable enough? Am I more worried about how I look or how smart I sound than what others might get out of the conversation? I am going to make some kind of difference in every conversation. That is how it works. Will it be worthy? Have I wasted everyone’s time? Have I made this a rich part of their day and possibly helped set a productive course for me, for them, or for the cause?

Conversations are creative. If they are truly engaging, some new insight or information can be created right there in that conversation. In fact, the best conversations often result in new insight. People can modify their views on topics; it can change the way they feel and believe.

Can this happen any other way? It is unlikely that people will get this from the evening news or from their trade journal. Only a quality conversation, grounded in genuine interest and mutual benefit, can lead to a different future. 

What kind of conversations are you having? Are they worth it? Are you bringing your heart and A-game to every conversation? Are those around you expecting a great conversation? 

We can make a difference…every conversation has that opportunity.

Continue Leading the Interstates Way (with some great conversation)!

Dave Crumrine


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