What is Electric Room Rx?

A Process Unique to Interstates

Electric Room Rx is a process used to evaluate the condition of electrical infrastructure and provide recommendations for upgrading or replacing electrical equipment. The process includes diagnostic tools, system evaluation, findings report, and improvement recommendations. Companies should evaluate their electrical system for a variety of reasons. Safety, compliance, reliability, and capacity are the most important reasons to evaluate electrical systems. Electric Room Rx addresses all of these areas.

Safety – If an electrical system has serious safety issues, employees are at risk for injury. When safety is compromised, a life-threatening incident is likely to occur.

Compliance – Facilities with old infrastructure were built based on dated code rules and recommendations. It is crucial to ensure electrical systems are up to date on the latest compliance and safety standards. As a company, it is important to honor your responsibility to follow OHSA and NFPA requirements for safety. Electric Room Rx ensures that electrical systems are properly designed, installed, and operated.

Reliability – Unplanned downtime can be costly and time consuming. If you are not involved in daily activities at the plant, you may not be aware of minor issues. Minor issues are generally addressed at the plant level and often go unnoticed until they become big problems. Although they may seem insignificant, minor issues can result in thousands of dollars in repairs and lost productivity. Electric Room Rx will give you peace of mind that your system will work as expected.

Capacity – The future is full of unknown possibilities. For instance, what if a great market opportunity is missed due to infrastructure? If a system is maxed out or antiquated, opportunities to quickly meet changing market demand are often lost.

Find Small Electrical Problems Before They Become Bigger Problems

Regular electrical system evaluations are key to successful plant operations. For instance, you visit a doctor for a check-up even when you feel fine. Minor issues are often found during regular evaluations. A minor issue is much easier to address than something that has become a large problem over time. If you ignore minor problems and wait too long, you are at risk for larger problems in the future. Electric Room Rx will help you be prepared so you can make your own success!

Want more information?

If you’d like additional information on Electric Room Rx, please email: ERx@interstates.com.