Conversation: An Opportunity to Create the Future

As humans, we spend a lot of our time conversing with those around us. The better we are at engaging in conversation, the better we will be at impacting the world in a positive way. Ultimately, every conversation has an opportunity to create the future. What would a relationship be without conversation? From work meetings, one-on-one time with friends, or a casual chat with someone at the grocery store, we learn through conversation. We also persuade, educate, and train through conversation. And if we want to end a relationship, we stop having conversations.

This idea has really impacted me over time. In reality, in every conversation I have the opportunity to make an impact – good or bad. Some questions that run through my mind when thinking about this: Am I prepared for that? Am I vulnerable enough? Am I more worried about how I look or how smart I sound than what others might get out of the conversation? I understand that in every conversation, I am going to make some kind of difference. With this knowledge I realize that it’s up to me to ensure the conversation is valuable and that I make a positive impact.

Don’t be afraid to get creative in conversation. A truly engaging conversation will include some amount of creativity. Some of the best conversations often result in new insight. People can even end up modifying their views on certain topics after conversation. Quality conversation, grounded in genuine interest and mutual benefit, can lead to a different future.

So what kind of conversations are you having? Are they worth it? Are you bringing your heart and “A-Game” to every conversation? Remember that you can make a difference… every conversation has that opportunity.

Keep leading the Interstates way.


Dave Crumrine, Interstates Construction President


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