Can You See Yourself as an Apprentice?

Each year we have a handful of students that graduate from our apprenticeship program. Since 2002, there have been 401 graduates of our program with 160 apprentices currently in our program. We are also excited to recognize students who graduated in July and November. Congrats to these individuals. We are grateful for the hard work through the program and now. 

July 19: Sioux Center, IA

Pierre Mansfield, Iowa
Daniel Creasey, Ohio

November 12: Omaha, NE

Pictured to the right L-R
Jacob Johnson-Nebraska
Jeremy Ochsner-Florida
Wyatt Boren-Nebraska
Preston Ochsner-Iowa
Brenden Hansen-Iowa
David Wever-Georgia

6 apprentices in front of a gray brick wall

If you’re interested in learning more about apprenticeship, check out the blogs below. You may even see yourself in one of these stories. 

Build Your Future With an Apprenticeship 

You can picture yourself as an apprentice as we give you a deep dive into an apprenticeship. Learn about the benefits of apprenticeship and what it looks like with us. 

Reaching Success in Apprenticeship 

Read the personal story of one of our previous apprenticeship program graduates. He’ll share how he was introduced to the program and a few of his favorite memories. 

Celebrating Our Fall 2020 Graduates 

Our instructors are passionate about the program, and you can experience it in this blog. Hear from Allan Hill, a Technical Instructor for our apprenticeship classes, why apprenticeship is worthwhile. 


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