Build Your Future with an Apprenticeship

Are you looking for a career path? Or maybe it’s a change in your career, but you’re not sure where to go? Have you considered an apprenticeship? Apprenticeship programs offer paid, on-the-job training with classroom learning. At Interstates, we can offer this in house program. Please take a look; we’re excited to help you build your career.

What do apprentices say about the program?

Hi, my name is Bruce Kunkel, and I have been with Interstates for about a year. I was given the opportunity to join in on the company’s apprenticeship program. I recently retired from the service, and I knew that this program could help me reach my goals. I want to become a better technician, but I also want to be eligible to take the journeyman exam in 3 years.

After graduating from school, I wanted to join a company that provided the information to take the journeyman test. I found that Interstates' curriculum is excellent, which includes paid training sessions and the most recent and up-to-date study material to help you study for the exam. These one-week training sessions occur every six months and culminate with the exam for that section. After each of these training sessions, you will see a pay increase. You also receive two weeks of internal paid training with the top-notch training experts. The instructors cover information in great detail that you will need to be successful both for the exam and in the field.

Interstates and their apprenticeship program do an excellent job giving you the tools to be successful. All you have to do is talk to the Interstates recruiter for more information about this program. This company wants you to succeed, and this program is one way to accomplish that.

I’m new to this. What is apprenticeship?

Many people see two paths of education after high school, a four-year or a two-year college. Well, there’s a third way, apprenticeship. This path is an opportunity for students to learn a profession with on-the-job training while still learning in the classroom. By the end of the program, you’re ready for a career with both classroom and work experience under your belt.

That sounds interesting, but why should I choose this option?

Apprenticeship has proven to be successful for both employers and career seekers with programs in multiple industries. According to, 94% of apprentices retain employment after the program. Here are other benefits.

  • Earn while you learn with wage increase as you develop new skills
  • Receive industry-recognized credentials
  • Gain credit towards a college degree
  • Learn from experienced mentors in the industry
Wow, so many benefits! What does this look like at Interstates?

We have an in-house Department of Labor-approved apprenticeship program, which ensures that you’re part of an industry-recognized program. Veterans can also take advantage of their GI Bill education benefits during their apprenticeship because the program is also Department Veteran’s Affairs-approved. This year-round program is completed in 4 years and prepares apprentices to take the Electrical Journeyman Test. We’ll help you personalize your career path with mentors called Career Coaches. With our variety of career opportunities throughout the company, you’ll find a career fit for you.

I’m in! What do I do next?

If you’re ready to apply, take a look at our career openings. If not, connect with us to be the first to know about new positions. Be sure to learn more about the careers at Interstates.


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