A Thankful Leader

This week’s post comes from Scott Peterson.

Last week we celebrated Thanksgiving. It’s a day set aside when many people take the time to reflect on the past year and recognize those things or situations for which they are thankful. 

It’s easy to forget to say those two simple words that could really make someone’s day. Thank you. Sometimes that is really all that people want to hear. They want to know that the things they are doing each day are making a difference to someone. But we get busy and put it off. 

If you have attended Excellence in Leadership, you have heard about “planned spontaneous recognition.” Sometimes I think that Sid is a genius. Look for those things around you that are going well and then show your appreciation. There are many ways to do this; some are elaborate and some are very simple. That’s the great part – there isn’t one right way to do it. What matters is that you’re making the time for it. I want to encourage you to say those two words – thank you – not just during Thanksgiving, but throughout the year.  

Now it’s time for a blog brainstorm. As a way to help others out, please share one suggestion in the comments of how to thank someone. It can be something simple, unique or grand  The point is just to generate ideas that others can use.

Oh – and thank you!    
Continue Leading the Interstates Way!
Scott Peterson


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