You are Unique

This week’s post comes from Catherine Bloom.

I recently attended the first session of EIL1. During that session participants are challenged to think about their worldview and develop their own personal mission statements. To be honest with you, I had not spent much time thinking about my worldview. During the session, I started to jot down some of the items I feel are true about my world. I ended my list with the following comment: “I feel good about who I am today, and I didn’t always feel that way. I want others to feel good about who they are.”

Several years ago, I heard a sermon that helped to shape that thought for me. Like any good sermon, the message had three important points. I have thought back to those points and realized they can apply at home, at work and in almost any circumstance in life. Here’s how I see those applying at Interstates.

1. Each one of us is in a unique circumstance.
We all have unique roles, work on different projects, and interact with various employees, clients and vendors. No two jobs are the same or require the same approach.

2. Each of us has a unique personality and unique experiences.
Our DISC profiles describe our diverse personality traits. Because we are wired differently, we approach problems from different angles. In addition, we each have unique life and work experiences. We have different educational backgrounds and different degrees. Some of us have worked at a number of other companies. Others have worked at Interstates for 20+ years and have a deep knowledge of our business and customers.

3. We all have the opportunity to uniquely influence others.
Our different personalities and various life and work experiences can make us a better team. If we are willing to share our thoughts and listen to another’s perspective, the team will dream of better solutions. Your perspective may be exactly what the team or a co-worker needs to hear. And sometimes what you need to hear may not be what you want to hear.

Last week, I read the article found below about Becky Hammon. Becky was recently named the first female assistant coach in the NBA. The article outlines Becky’s unique drive and personality – she is studious, intellectually curious, has a strong desire to get better and grow and possesses a natural basketball instinct. Becky had a number of unique experiences including sitting next to the San Antonio Spur’s head coach on a transatlantic flight which led to her current position. She now has the opportunity to influence and coach some of the greatest basketball players in the world.

Becky Hammon is unique. You are unique. You bring a unique personality and different experiences with you than the person sitting next to you, and that should feel good. You don’t have all the answers, and you likely can’t see all the sides of an issue, but you can be confident that those around you (who bring their own unique personality and experiences) will help to expand your thinking while you expand theirs. If we embrace our uniqueness and who we are created to be, we will be a stronger team.

How can you utilize your unique personality and experiences to influence your team this week?

Continue Leading the Interstates Way!
Catherine Bloom


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