A Memorable Experience at the ASB Women in Business Event

American State Bank Women in Business

American State Bank created the Women in Business program to meet the needs of women who own their own business or hold a leadership role in their business. I recently presented at the 2017 American State Bank Women in Business event alongside Interstates CEO, Scott Peterson. Over 70 women leaders and business owners from the Sioux Center area gathered to network and learn more about effective leadership.

Effective Leadership

During the event, Scott and I led a group discussion on leading the Interstates way. Scott explained the idea behind balanced leadership and how we can balance humility and curiosity with confidence and courage. We then spent some time determining where the attendees landed on the continuum of humility/curiosity vs. confidence/courage. Additionally, we challenged the attendees to identify areas where they could improve and push themselves closer to the middle of the continuum. At Interstates, we have a strong feedback culture. Therefore, Scott and I explained the importance of providing and accepting plus and delta feedback. As a leader, this is especially important for relationship building.

Part 2: Coming Soon

Scott and I are grateful for the opportunity to share effective leadership techniques with leaders in our community. We are currently planning another presentation which will focus on the DISC assessment. The DiSC profile is a non-judgemental tool used for discussion of people’s behavioral differences. It is a fantastic tool for understanding yourself and those you work with.

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This blog post was written by Catherine Bloom.



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