What’s Happening in GEAPS in 2023?

Our team is always excited to attend the GEAPS Exchange. And this year, we were excited to meet with two excellent Grain Elevator and Processing Society members, Chris Blair and Steve Records. Chris is the International President of GEAPS, and Steve is the Executive Director. Casey Smith, Business Development Representative at Interstates, interviewed both to get their take on the show and more about the association.

Chris, what are you most excited about at GEAPS Exchange in 2023?

I'm excited about today's attendance and everyone walking through the show this morning. There was a lot more than yesterday, and to me, that's a great thing. We had our opening workshop, and that was completely packed full.

That's great! We've noticed the major attendance too. And the show is not over! Steve, what are some things GEAPS is working on and focusing on?

For the last couple of years, we've been working on really refocusing on our mission. It's to connect the association and members of the association. I'm most proud of the growth in membership we've had. We've doubled our membership in the last two years, including intentionally expanding internationally. We're over 3,000 numbers now, and we're continuing to add a 20% membership every year. It will continue to add to the engagement and energy of the association.

With so many membership options, it's allowed Interstates to take advantage and be more involved across the central part of the country. Chris, what lies ahead and what's coming up for GEAPS?

The biggest thing is the member value. We're trying to dive into and focus on this. We want to show our commitment to the members and the industry, and that's something that we need to continue to work on.

Well, again, GEAPS Exchange 2023 in Kansas City. If you are free to stop by and see Interstates. Check out the show, or go to geaps.com to learn about your local chapter.


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