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Dear readers,
We’re happy to announce that The Leading Edge blog has a new home! The Leading Edge blog is now part of our Interstates blog and all future Leading Edge posts can be found in the Leading Edge category. In addition to Leading Edge posts, you will find a variety of topics on the Interstates blog including technology, how-to’s, innovation, and exciting company updates.
Watch for upcoming Leading Edge blog posts from our new home: https://www.interstates.com/blog/.
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Sharz Neitge


Leadership Means Action

“Leadership is an action, not a position.” I recently came across this quote by Donald McGannon. It got me thinking about how being a leader isn’t about the number of…

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From a Child’s Eyes

I gazed into her beautiful brown eyes, struck again not only by that charming combination of dark brown eyes and strawberry-blonde hair but by the lessons reflected there. They were…

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Heart and Soul

The last 18 months have been anything but ordinary. Now, as the economy begins to improve, our schedules are naturally getting busier. It can be hard to decide where to…

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