We’re Committed to Work-Life Balance. Let’s Build!

Workplace flexibility makes employees feel appreciated. As an Interstates employee, I have the opportunity to work for an organization that rewards and respects its team members. Most notably, Interstates’ family-friendly culture promotes excellent work-life balance and ensures we have ample time to spend with family and friends. The “core hour” and “flex time” approaches work together to enable this work-life balance.

The core hour concept follows the following guidelines: employees are in the office working and available from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm active at design work, taking calls, attending meetings, etc. We can start earlier than that, or stay later as required to complete work or meet customer schedules. This way, we meet customer needs and have focused time to complete designs. Supervisors and leaders make themselves readily available as members of our professional community to support employees and their projects.

The culture at Interstates is one that understands life can dictate other pulls on employees’ time as well, occasionally in conflict with work. This is where Interstates’ flex time approach comes into play. When employees need to be out of the office during core hours because they need to take a child to the doctor, attend a special school event, care for a sick relative or another personal reason, Interstates allows for flexibility in working hours to accommodate. Our team has been able to make the flex time approach a successful strategy through good communication with supervisors and other team members.

While both the core hours and the flex time approaches are used widely across Interstates, neither of these practices have been written as official policies in the employee handbook. This is because work-life balance is something that is accepted as a necessary good for employees. Everyone here, including management and leadership, understands happy, healthy employees are more productive, creative and innovative. Our culture here is a hard-working environment that treats one another with respect — a respect that extends to supervisors who treat their teams with the trust and accountability to foster such a flexible work structure. This system at Interstates works because we know we’re all in this effort together and we’re entrusted to do good work independently and with our team members.

This time management system is only one of the great benefits Interstates offers its employees. Other benefits we have include excellent health, dental and life insurance as well as 401(k). Aside from the tangible rewards, we also know that our work is appreciated and valued; we’re rewarded for innovating and being creative; our contributions are valued and recognized. Few other employers offer as many rewards and as much value as Interstates, and that’s why I love to work here.

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Rick Scholtens, Interstates Project Engineer