We’re Committed to Work-Life Balance. Let’s Build!

Workplace flexibility makes employees feel appreciated. As an Interstates employee, I have the opportunity to work for an organization that rewards and respects its team members. Most notably, Interstates’ family-friendly culture promotes excellent work-life balance and ensures we have flexibility when we need it.

The culture at Interstates is one that understands life can dictate other pulls on employees’ time as well, occasionally in conflict with work. Kids get sick, appointments happen. We give our team the flexibility to focus on getting the work done when they need to. Some roles allow for more flexibility than others, but for every employee we try and integrate the time they need off with the work that has to be done. Whether it’s vacation time, or maybe even time off for a funeral of a loved one, Interstates stands behind our family. We want you to have the time off that you need to recharge or take care of personal things. Having great teams led by great supervisors allows us to plan the work accordingly. By having a collaborative work environment you don’t have to worry about what will happen if you step away. Your team has your back and will do everything in their power to get the work done in your absence.

Work-life balance and flexibility is one of the great benefits Interstates offers its employees. Other benefits we have include excellent health, dental and life insurance as well as 401(k). Aside from the tangible rewards, we also know that our work is appreciated and valued; we’re rewarded for innovating and being creative; our contributions are valued and recognized. Few other employers offer as many rewards and as much value as Interstates, and that’s why I love to work here.

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Andrew Roelfs, Interstates Human Resources


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