How Can a Well-Trained Crew Make a Difference for Your Project?

We believe that quality training increases safety, reliability and speed on projects. Our emphasis on and commitment to continually train our employees sets us apart in the industry. With over 65 years in the business, we understand that having skilled workers with training that goes beyond industry standards is the key to professionalism and achieving project success for our clients. One area that our craft professionals have been focusing on is medium voltage training.

Partnership Leads to Training

Along with nearly 50 other contractors across the US, we enrolled in 3M’s Qualified Electrical Construction Contractor (QECC) program. As a member of this program, our certified technicians are trained to complete medium voltage terminations that give our clients a 20-year warranty on 3M medium voltage termination products. This program provides in-depth technology and product training on medium-voltage terminations and allows us to partner with industry leaders to find the best solutions for our clients.

Training from Within

Not only do our partnerships lead to training opportunities, but we’ve developed a training program specifically for medium voltage work. This training equips people to work safely and smartly on medium voltage equipment. The program covers receiving and installing equipment, cable installation, terminations and quality assurance of our work. There is a combination of classroom training and energized testing on live gear in the lab.

We want to bring discipline, consistency and competency in our services, so we invest in our people to develop the skills needed to serve our clients better. With a fully trained staff in medium voltage terminations, you can rest assured our team is prepared to assist you with your medium voltage needs.


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