Today’s Struggles = Tomorrow’s Opportunities

Prefabricated Conduit Run
Prefabricated Conduit Run

This blog post was written by Dave Los.

A positive spin on an otherwise difficult situation.

While walking around a job site today with the project leader, he commented that all the struggles we are encountering today will better prepare us for tomorrow’s new opportunities.  His comment referenced a previous project where it was very tough to get the work done in extreme weather conditions and time constraints,  like working on Christmas in subzero temperatures, for example.

His previous experience had prepared him to handle and manage the present situation in a more positive and enduring light.  His focus was not on what was causing he and his team pain today but how it was building all of them and our entire organization up for future work and opportunities.

I thought this was very insightful, especially in the heat of the battle.  There is a lot for us to learn from his comments.  At times the struggles we are facing are overwhelming and consuming to the point of not being able to carry on.  However, if we just change our focus a little, we can see the rays of sunlight in our tough circumstances.  In fact, the experiences and struggles of today are better preparing us to be able to handle the new challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

The next time you feel like the world is crashing down around you, remember that the struggles of today are only equipping you for future opportunities.