3 Steps for Security In A Mobile Work Environment

A quick list to help keep you secure in today’s mobile workforce.

Can I get a tablet? Is this spam or not? Can I get connectivity here? If you’ve heard these questions, you may be trying support a mobile work force. This new mobile workforce brings with it some added new challenges. With mobility comes the need for new security measures.

So where is the balance between ease of access, and a security hole? We’ve developed a few processes to help overcome these hurdles.

Run all requests through a mobile committee

If you don’t already have a mobile committee in your company, it’s time to create one! You need employees from all areas of your organization, not just the IT department.

Emphasize security, but be willing to give a little

No can often be the standard answer from your local IT department. I advocate that we change that! Our company’s slogan is Understanding Needs > Deliver Results. Sit down with your users and see where the request is generating from before denying it. Even if it seems like a security risk up front, dig into the request and consider potential solutions.

Be proactive, not retroactive

Security training is a must in today’s world. Phishing, cyber-attacks, and click bait are running rampant! If your users are trained and educated pre-attack, downtime and headache will be reduced and possibly even eliminated.


Keith Roghair, Interstates IT Support Lead


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