Working Hard vs Working Smart – The Power of And


This blog post was written by Cindy Larsen.

Working Hard or Working Smart – Why Not Both?

It’s no secret that success can come as a result of both luck and talent. However, more often than not it comes from working hard on the right things. In the construction industry today, we often talk about the benefits of working smart instead of working hard. Don’t waste energy. Don’t over exert yourself. Use the tools at your disposal to make the tasks and jobs less difficult. This is a bit of an old cliche but the advantages to working smart rather than working hard still hold true, at least in most regards. Working smart and getting positive results is all well and good, but what if we change that ‘or’ to an ‘and’ and combine the benefits of both? Consider the results you and your team could achieve if you worked both smart and hard. Using the tools and resources available to simplify the process but maintaining high energy and putting forth the highest effort possible. Talk about being both efficient and effective. Next time someone reminds you to work smart instead of working hard, remind them (and yourself) that doing both can make you the most powerful version of yourself.

“Nobody ever drowned in his own sweat.” Ann Landers