The Most Impressive Thing We’ve Built is Our Team

When considering a career move, there are several key factors candidates should consider in order to land a position that is both dynamic and rewarding. At Interstates, we strive to provide our team members with a unique and valuable experience focused around our commitment to hard work, community, and family. Our competitive benefits, family-friendly culture, professional growth opportunities, and recognition for a job well done all play into our career story: we care about providing our employees with a fulfilling life and an enriching professional experience.

It’s easy to see the results of our success at Interstates. Gleaming new facilities. Revamped and modernized plants. Controls and programming that make operations seamless. While high-tech equipment and brand new facades are the obvious markers of our efforts, our real treasure is found in the people behind these projects. Simply put, our team is the foundation of our success.

Interstates is committed to its employees. To be on our team means career growth, job security, safety, and continuing to pursue a better way so we can deliver results for our clients. We give you a strong vision for the future and then prove it through training and learning opportunities. You receive access to the right materials and tools, and are trained for both success and safety. Because we are stable and growing, you can feel secure in your job at Interstates. At the end of every project is continual employment – a future with confidence.

At Interstates, we’re a family. You will feel right at home, because that is how we view our company culture. A family-like culture means caring for your co-workers and having them care for you. It means being treated like an individual and not a number. We value our personal lives as well as our work lives, as evidenced by flexible schedules and one of the best safety records in the business. We bring our personal and work families together for gatherings and social activities that are full of fun and camaraderie. Interstates also supports charities and the local community by hosting and sponsoring events. As you build your career with us, you will be creating quality, long-lasting relationships with the people around you.

These solid relationships form the core of our teams. You will be surrounded by a hardworking, encouraging group that champions your advancement. Our managers are highly supportive of growth and acknowledge your inherent value as a team member. Questions are encouraged, supervisors are open to feedback and ideas, and co-workers are hardworking, supportive problem solvers. When it comes down to it, the people at Interstates are passionate about helping others grow and develop into leaders.

Being on our team is rewarding in many ways. You will feel valued by receiving great benefits and recognition for your hard work. With industry-leading benefits including health, dental, 401(k), and life insurance, it’s clear that Interstates cares. We also offer flexible schedules in support of our family-friendly environment. When you do a good job, we want you to feel appreciated and know that your contributions to the company are valued and seen. We take a long-term view of our team and want you to pursue the numerous opportunities for professional and personal growth. Careers at Interstates are built to thrive and last.

Interstates has achieved a lot since its start, but the most impressive thing we’ve built is our team.

Join us and come build a future. Interstates. Let’s Build.



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