Summer 2020 Cash for Causes

What Is Cash For Causes?

Cash for Causes is a year-round, Interstates program that raises funds to support local, non-profit organizations. Through employee giving, Interstates impacts 52 non-profit organizations each year. With a commitment to promoting community awareness and service among our employees, the program provides employees with opportunities to donate, learn and get more involved with great organizations.

We understand that there are a lot of great causes out there, and twice a year, our employee-led committee (FC2) asks for organization nominations from employees. Our employees are passionate about the work they do, at the office and in the community. Those who are directly involved with an organization, or directly affected by the services that one provides, are encouraged to nominate those groups. Employees can still nominate an organization even if they aren’t actively involved with the group.

The program’s sponsored organizations change each week. Below are this quarter’s recipients:


Sioux Falls Humane Society

Their mission is to be a voice and haven for animals in need. Through COVID-19, they offer curbside adoptions. Find out more about these adoptions on their website.

Santa Cops of Larimer County

Santa Cops provides toys for children in need of Larimer County during the Christmas season. To accomplish this, they partner with local law enforcement to deliver these gifts.

St. Francis House

St. Francis is a transitional program for the homeless. Here, they provide shelter, food, help with employment, and so many other services.

Pink Ladies of Lincoln

This community organization is committed to inspire and empower men, women, and children who battle life-threatening illness or domestic violence.



Bishop Dudley House

This hospitality house provides a place of safety, wellness and dignity for Sioux Falls’ homeless population. Their services include computer use, laundry, beds, counseling, and phone use.

Sioux County Community Health Partners: Healthy Families Program

Community Health Partners works with community schools, businesses, social services, and others to keep the community healthy. Through the Healthy Families Program, expecting or new parent(s) are given guidance and provided resources for raising a family.

Food Bank of Larimer County

At the Larimer County Food Bank, they ensure that the community can conveniently provide free, healthy food to those who need it. They do this through three programs, Nourishing Network, Fresh Food Share, and Nutritious Kitchen.

Sack Pack Program

Sack Pack is a program that offers free easy meals and snacks for kids on the weekends. Hunger Free Kids of Sioux County and local communities support and utilize the program.

Oaklyn Foundation

The Oaklyn Foundation provides emotional, financial, and educational support to families who have experienced the loss of a child including during pregnancy.



Safe Families for Children

Safe Families is located in 70 cities across the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and beyond. Their goal is to keep children safe during family crises, stabilize families, and reunite and reduce the number of children entering the welfare system.

Troop 208 Orange City

This troop meets every Monday night in Orange City, IA. Boy Scouts of America teaches young people the Scout Oath and Law to prepare them to make moral and ethical decisions.

Midwest Honor Flight

Located across Northwest Iowa, South Dakota, and Southwest Minnesota, they provide honor and respect to veterans with an all-expense-paid trip to Washington D.C.

Katelyn’s Fund

Katelyn’s Fund began as a ministry that offered adoption grants to families. It has kept this program but has now built an orphanage in Haiti that is home to 71 children.


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