Summer 2021 Cash for Causes

What Is Cash For Causes?

Cash for Causes is a year-round, Interstates program that raises funds to support local, non-profit organizations. Through employee giving, Interstates impacts 52 non-profit organizations each year. With a commitment to promoting community awareness and service among our teams, the program provides team members opportunities to donate, learn and get more involved with great organizations. 

Our employee-led committee (FC2) asks for organization nominations twice a year. Our team members are passionate about the work they do at the office and in the community. We encourage them to nominate organizations they're involved with, directly affected by, or are passionate about in any of the communities where Interstates serves. 

The program's sponsored organizations change each week. Below are this quarter's recipients: 


Melissa's Hope Chest 

Melissa's Hope Chest is a thrift store where all proceeds go towards Family Crisis Center in Sioux Center, IA. These proceeds serve victims of domestic violence. 

Midwest Tri-State NAVHDA 

This is a chapter of North America Versatile Hunting Dog Association for South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa. They help train dogs to be hunting companions, and they host events in the off-season of hunting. 

Hope for the Hopeless 

Hope for the Hopeless started after Sioux Falls, SD, residents asked for help for families that cared for orphans in Liberia, Africa. After a group visited in 2018, they set out to make a better home for the kids. Now, they are building and providing for 89 orphaned children in Liberia.   


Indraloka is an animal sanctuary in Dalton, PA. They rescue and care for farm animals while educating the community on caring for the environment and animals in need. 


Kaden’s Kloset

Kaden’s Kloset meets the needs of foster and adoptive families in the Sheldon, IA, community and beyond with clothes, food, traveling disaster relief, and much more.

Flint Hills Breadbasket

Breadbasket is a Community Food Network that serves the Manhattan, KS, community. They minimize hunger and poverty through food distribution and nurture projects.

Compass Center

Compass Center provides crisis intervention, counseling, and advocacy for those who experience domestic and sexual violence. They educate the Sioux Falls, SD, community about how they can impact and stop violence in the community.

Bishop Dudley Hospitality House

This hospitality house provides a place of safety, wellness, and dignity for Sioux Falls’ homeless population. Their services include computer use, laundry, beds, counseling, and phone use.

Sioux County Youth Fair

Each year in July, the Sioux County Youth Fair is hosted in Sioux Center, IA. They have activities, animal shows, and great fair food. It’s fun for every age.


Santa Cops of Larimer County 

Santa Cops provides toys for children in need of Larimer County during the Christmas season. To accomplish this, they partner with local law enforcement to deliver these gifts. 

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation 

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation seeks to improve the lives of those living with CF and find a cure. They do this through funding research, providing expert care nationwide and support the individuals and families affected by CF. 

Keep Omaha Beautiful 

This initiative has been in the Omaha community for nearly 60 years. They offer programs, events, and educational services to promote litter reduction, community beautification, and environmental knowledge for the community. 

Rock Ranch

Rock Ranch has opportunities for individuals to grow through horsemanship and gain skills physically, cognitively, socially and psychologically. 


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