Secure Your Critical Systems

Manufacturing networks rely on manual processes that are susceptible to human error and cybersecurity solutions vulnerable to attacks. Our SDN solutions protect manufacturers from industrial adversaries. With solutions that assess, design, implement, and support the Veracity OT Network Management Platform, you can rely on Interstates to mitigate security threats and maximize uptime.

Simplified Network Management

Managing all of your industrial devices and switches through a single tool will save you time and reduce inadvertent errors.

Strengthened Security

No communication can happen on your network without being expressly granted by you.


Proactive Downtime Management

Automated network processes enact changes faster and more accurately without having to take your system down.

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Protect Your Plant Floor

Cyber threats are increasing in frequency and complexity. If your current solutions are leaving you vulnerable, Software-Defined Networking can help. Our IT/OT experts understand industrial network topology, devices, and communication protocols. Leverage our experience and this innovative solution to increase the security and robustness of your network.


You're in a tough spot. Cyber threats are a priority but the high cost and complexity of managing an OT network is a burden and may be prohibitive. It's time to rely on a solution that is proactive, not reactive, and only allows "known good" network communications.

Deny-by-Default Network

New Devices or protocols will not communicate without proper authorization.

Enforced Security

Protect your network with firewalls on every port, every switch, and in every direction.


The Power of Partnerships

To improve the security and robustness of ICS networks, we've partnered with Veracity Industrial Networks, developers of the Veracity OT Network Management Platform.

Join Adam Jongewaard, Senior OT Infrastructure and Security Analyst at Interstates, and Jason Weber, Vice President of Product at Veracity Industrial Networks for a conversation about the latest Cybersecurity for Industrial Networks trends.

Case Study

Prefabrication Shop Uses Zero Trust Strategy to Manage Risk

Interstates’ IT/OT team recently faced a complex networking challenge at our prefabrication shop. Specifically, the network needs of this facility left our traditional enterprise network vulnerable and made it difficult for team members to do their jobs efficiently.

With the Veracity OT Network Controller installed, we regained control. SDN technology like this might challenge your IT and OT mindsets, but it will also give you greater visibility, control, and management.

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