Is your industrial facility secure against cyber threats? With Interstates' tailored Operational Technology (OT) cybersecurity solutions, you can be confident in your defenses. Our user-friendly and effective solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, ensuring maximum protection. Let us help you navigate the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape and safeguard your critical assets.

Increase resilience
Increase Resilience

Resilience is crucial to maintaining trust and continuous operations amidst cyber threats to industrial facilities.

Strengthen Your Cybersecurity Posture

Right-sizing your approach to cybersecurity is critical for ensuring your company's protection matches its unique needs without overspending for protections that aren’t needed.

Maximize Plant Uptime

OT systems have unique characteristics that require specialized knowledge and skills to manage effectively, including real-time operating environments, legacy technologies, and highly specialized applications.

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Bridge the IT/OT Divide

Establish common business goals to unify IT and OT resources to build empathy and understanding across historically siloed environments.

Don't leave your industrial facility vulnerable to cyber-attacks – contact us today to learn how Interstates can help you strengthen your cybersecurity defenses.

Reaching New Heights: The Journey to Cyber Maturity

Just like climbing a mountain, achieving cyber maturity is a journey that requires planning, preparation, and incremental progress. The climb may seem daunting at first, but by breaking it down into manageable stages, such as establishing a strong foundation, implementing best practices, and continuously assessing and improving, organizations can reach new heights in their cybersecurity capabilities.

Identify Function
Preparing for the Climb

During this stage, similar to a climber researching a mountain's terrain and potential hazards, identifying risks and threats is crucial. This involves assessing vulnerabilities, assets, and potential threats in cybersecurity and establishing a baseline of current security measures.

How We Can Help

Our team conducts interviews and infrastructure examinations to identify critical systems that support your operations. Identifying these systems is essential for surviving a cybersecurity incident.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Whether you are just beginning or well into this stage, a cybersecurity assessment can help uncover the greatest threats to your operations.

Why Choose Interstates

Managing cybersecurity is a complex and demanding responsibility. You don't have to tackle it alone. Interstates has battle-tested experts who know the current industrial cybersecurity landscape. Our wide breadth of expertise and many years of experience can help improve your cybersecurity stance, but it doesn’t stop there. Our range of skills enables us to diagnose and explain all the risks and vulnerabilities we see at your plant, from Operational Technology (OT) and beyond.


News & Insights

We are passionate about protecting you from industrial adversaries. Hear from our experts on the front lines, where they reveal firsthand experiences and the proactive measures they undertake to safeguard the OT community.

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