Enhanced Visibility with Loop Monitoring

Plants utilize loops to control pressure, temperature, speed, and more. When operating properly, these loops increase safety and efficiency, but how can you know if your loops are working correctly? Interstates’ PID Loop Monitoring solution monitors the performance of an enterprise fleet of industrial process control loops. It detects and identifies underperforming control loops and helps diagnose problems. 


Regular alerts identify underperforming loops so they can be investigated and resolved.


The control loop monitoring dashboard tool helps you understand how the loop interacts throughout the day and how it performs over time.



This tool highlights the changes a loop may see as machinery wears out, giving you advance notice and helping you plan ahead for equipment changes. 


The dashboard makes it simple to visualize the performance of any individual loop, helping you assess performance and prioritize loops for optimization. 

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Turn Information Into Action

Suboptimal control loops can directly impact equipment reliability and operational performance. Our PID Loop Monitoring solution alerts you of the performance of control loops so actions may be taken to optimize them

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If you don’t have a solution that alerts you when your control loops go out of limits or fail to communicate properly, your processes and equipment will suffer. PID Loop Monitoring provides a clear visual to help you control your loops and observe issues, sending notifications when a control loop goes out of limits. Alerts help you manage the performance of your control loops, boosting equipment reliability and longevity. 

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