Safe, Compliant Hazard Monitoring

Hazard monitoring systems must work correctly to keep your employees safe. Dust explosions result in loss of production, property damage, and even injury and death – but many plants operate with antiquated or nonfunctioning hazard monitoring systems. Our experts can find hazard monitoring problems, fix them, and get your facility running safely and smoothly.

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Expert Understanding

Decades of experience with complex industrial electrical systems and all brands of hazard monitoring equipment gives you dependable, quality service.

Full-service Capabilities

Our technicians analyze your systems to troubleshoot and solve inefficiencies, make repairs, and provide on-site support whenever you need it.


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Our audits help you achieve OSHA 1910.272 (m)(1)(i) compliance and gain confidence that you’re keeping your workers safe.

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Identify and Complete Critical Repairs

Whether you’re worried about dust explosions or need to achieve OSHA 1910.272(m)(1)(i) compliance, our full-service approach to hazard monitoring audits can meet your specific needs. We conduct thorough audits, work with all brands of hazard monitoring systems, and perform equipment repairs and installations.

Your plant could be operating with antiquated or nonfunctioning hazard monitoring systems. Our technicians analyze your site’s existing hazard monitoring system to verify your sensing devices are working correctly. Our audits ensure your hazard monitoring systems are fully operational, reducing the likelihood of an incident and protecting your workers and production.

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