Why I-Control

Run your plant at peak output with Animal Feed and Flour Milling automation configured to meet your site’s specific production, process, and data requirements. I-Control reduces scrap and re-work and helps you keep your promises to customers. Our experts understand your processes and help you control and tighten operations through a phased approach that meets your budget, downtime, and risk needs.

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Peak Productivity

Achieve maximized output by tuning your plant with modern hardware and software.

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Quality Control

Advanced automation to execute recipes with tight tolerances.

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Hardware and software that meets to your unique production, workflow, and process needs.

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24/7 support and proactive monitoring to catch issues before they happen.

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Solutions to Optimize Your Operations

I-Control helps you execute orders, keep track of ingredients, and manage recipes. With upgraded hardware and software, you can harness the power of modernized automation to meet increasing demand while maintaining safety and quality.

Meet Demand

Your plant’s physical layout and regional requirements are unique, but all plants risk losing business if they don’t meet increasing demand while adhering to FDA food safety regulations. You need automation that’s configurable and integrated.

I-Control considers your unique production workflow and process needs and enables you to increase output safely through modernized automation that integrates with your other business systems.

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