Electrical site audits do more than just identify issues. They ensure your facility is safe, reliable, and ready for future growth. Our team of engineering and electrical experts dig into the details to understand problem areas and provide conceptual solutions. We’ll first understand the goals for the facility and get to work. With our findings in hand, you can make decisions to improve safety and operations, and we have the resources readily available to help. 


Keep your employees safe and avoid equipment damage.


Identify risks and solve problems before they cause unplanned downtime.


Document your vital electrical equipment and components for easier risk mitigation and maintenance.  


Future Capacity

Understand the future growth potential for your facility and electrical system. 

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Long-term Preventative Maintenance

Conducting an electrical site audit is an investment in your plant’s future. Our team has years of electrical experience – we’ll investigate your electrical system, identify issues, offer solutions, and lead you to a safer, more reliable facility. 

Power distribution system
Electrical System Evaluation

You need to get ahead of your aging electrical infrastructure. Our evaluation of your power distribution system can get you there. We provide short- and long-term electrical remediation options, giving you solid insight into the overall health of the electrical system. 

These evaluations will provide remediation options to help you make smarter investment decisions. 

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Our experts will identify issues and provide practical solutions for a safer, more reliable facility