This week’s post comes from Scott Peterson.

SLOW DOWN!!! LOL, I think I have to tell myself that about 10 times a day. Why is that? It’s pretty simple — the faster I go, the less effective I am as a leader. The slower I go, the more effective I am. I know, I know — you are thinking, “whatever, Scott.”  Give me two minutes to explain.

When I go fast, I:
  • Focus on the task or the challenge in front of me (but I forget about the people)
  • Find the facts that support my mental model (but the quick or first solution is not always the best)
  • Communicate quickly (but I often leave out key information or leave people out of the loop)
When I slow down, I:
  • Focus on the individuals and teams
  • Listen better to understand what people are saying (and I know that they feel heard)
  • Ask questions
  • Have better EQ (emotional intelligence)
    • I’m aware of my emotions and can control my reactions better
    • I can read other people’s emotions better
    • I manage interactions better and achieve a positive result
  • Can be more objective about situations and recognize when I need to identify more options
  • Can use SAM/POC/GRAD effectively
I have a challenge for you. During the next seven days, SLOW DOWN. Each day,
  1. Identify one personal situation and slow down. Take time to listen and connect with your spouse, kids, family, or friends. Write down the date, the person’s name, and what you did.
  2. Identify one professional situation and slow down. Take time to use great EQ, ask questions, focus on the other person, and lead the Interstates way.
As a leader, you can make someone’s day for the good or for the bad. Modifying a famous quote from Clint Eastwood, “Go ahead, make their day.”
Continue Leading the Interstates Way!
Scott Peterson


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