Sioux Falls Office Donates Dozens of Birthday Gifts


This blog post was written by Sharz Neitge.

Our Gift

In honor of our recent achievement of working 1,000,000 hours without a recordable incident, each regional office is choosing to celebrate in a special and unique way. Each office is making a contribution to a local cause or charity. With the ideas and inspiration from many employees in the Sioux Falls office, the give back opportunity quickly evolved into something even more meaningful. The Sioux Falls office decided to celebrate the achievement by honoring Ava Dieleman through a donation of $2,000 in gifts to Sanford Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. The gifts will be given to sick and injured children staying at the hospital over their birthday or the holidays.

The donation process was quite simple as we had a great response from employees willing to help in a variety of ways. Several groups of employees united for a gift shopping and wrapping extravaganza. We chose to shop for gifts at Walmart and we’re glad we did because they were kind enough to provide us with a gift card so that we could purchase even more gifts for the children – a big thank you to Walmart!

One of the Sioux Falls employees donated hand crafted cards made by his children to include with each gift. Another group of employees then delivered the birthday gifts to the hospital.

“As a growing business in Sioux Falls, we are continually looking for ways we can positively impact the community,” said Marty Van Der Sloot, Interstates Manufacturing IT Division Manager. “Family is one of our core values and with so many employees with young families, Sanford Children’s Hospital has touched many of our lives.” Overall, the donation was a wonderful experience for all involved. We hope our donation will give children and their families joy, laughter, and a happy birthday.

About Sanford Children’s Miracle Network Hospital

Sanford Children’s Castle of Care Hospital in Sioux Falls is a vibrant, colorful world where sick and injured children find inspiration, imagination and play to be as important to healing as our leading technology, breakthrough research and advanced medicine. Learn more here.