1,000,000 Hours Without A Recordable Injury


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Interstates achieves significant milestone with 1,000,000 hours without a recordable accident. 

Interstates recently achieved a major safety milestone by recording one million man hours without a recordable accident. Interstates joins only thirty-one other construction companies in the United States to have accomplished such a feat since 2004.

“The Interstates family has accomplished an outstanding goal of a million man hours without a recordable injury,” states Ian Seuser, Safety Manager at Interstates. “To be able to obtain a goal like this requires great support and buy-in at every level in the organization and site leaders that understand the importance of the health and well-being of all family members here at interstates. This family has proven that Zero is possible. We are committed to zero.”

Interstates has adopted behavioral based safety practices for over a decade and continues to evolve to stretch their people to work safer. The organization strongly believes that “rules don’t keep people safe, culture does.” Interstates takes great pride in maintaining an excellent safety record and the proactive way the safety culture has been built. It is also an enterprise wide goal to continually reinforce a strong Zero Injury Culture that keeps people safe. It is the ultimate goal that every employee returns home in the same condition in which they arrive.

Interstates specializes in turnkey electrical systems and automation services for industrial processing and manufacturing facilities. We offer full service design-build electrical contracting, engineering, automation, business intelligence and Manufacturing IT services on a worldwide basis. Corporate headquarters are located in Sioux Center, IA, with regional offices in Sioux Falls, SD; Omaha, NE; Fort Collins, CO; Brainerd, MN; Cincinnati, OH; and Salina, KS.


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