Resilience in Challenging Times

Saying that times have been challenging over the last year seems like an understatement. Change and uncertainty have lurked around every corner. You may have experienced a change in your workspace, remote rather than in the office. Maybe you saw protocols have changed at your plant or office, or your duties changed. In the midst of change, you likely found yourself feeling more than a little off-kilter. Like me, you are probably seeking balance and stability as things slow down with the pandemic. To that end, I’d like to recommend we work on being resilient.

Last year I read Pamela Meyer’s book, The Agility Shift. Meyer defines resilience as “the ability to regroup, reorganize, and renew during unpredictable and changing conditions and contexts.” It’s a mindset. It’s about being flexible. It’s deciding how you will respond to the world around you. If you don’t think of yourself as a naturally resilient person, there’s good news: Resilience is something you can practice and develop.

One way to start practicing resilience is to assess the current situation. Be realistic. Admit the uncertainties and fears associated with the current reality – this is not the road you planned to be on. Next, look at what you can do in spite of the challenges and changes. Refocus and redirect your purpose, and move in that direction.

Despite the challenges and changes we’ve experienced over the last year, Interstates remains steadfast. While we never look for adversity, it has provided the opportunity to lean in and build additional resilience. I am proud of the resourcefulness shown by those around me. I encourage you to keep persevering and building resilience, as well. Let us know how Interstates can help you and your team get through the present and future challenges.

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This article was originally published in the Current Connections Fall 2020 issue.

Doug Post, President


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