PM Excellence: Recognizing Our Team Members’ Accomplishments

Our project managers (PMs) and project coordinators (PCs) are the glue within Interstates’ projects. During this 3-day event, PMs and PCs are taught, trained, and celebrated. Once a year, this team comes together to gain a deeper knowledge of Interstates and what we can offer clients. They are also trained on specific solutions and the growth in our industries. Most importantly, during this 3-day event, project managers and project coordinators are celebrated for their outstanding work. 

Our project managers are responsible for the successful initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring, controlling, and closure of an Interstates project. A project manager must possess a combination of skills, including asking insightful questions, detecting unstated assumptions, resolving conflicts, and managing people and projects. This important role is not taken lightly by our PM team, and each PM is an expert at collaborating and building a culture of safety. 

This year’s PM Excellence event was held in Omaha, Nebraska, at the Marriott Downtown. During dinner and an awards ceremony, we celebrated individuals for their outstanding accomplishments over the past year. Below are just a few of these achievements: 

Project Coordinator of the Year – Jacob Denning 

Client Advocacy Award – John Burnett 

People Development Award – Nick Wathier 

Servant Leader Award – Austin Katje 

Overall, this is an excellent way to add value to our PCs and PMs who impact our clients by understanding needs and delivering results. 


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