Requirement for 2019 Calendar Year

As your operations become more connected and more complex, it is important to identify your assets and prioritize the risks of damaging attacks. Having a clear picture of the devices in your plant is a crucial first step towards defending against attacks. This visibility will also provide you with the power to quickly identify and troubleshoot assets, generate network diagrams, and proactively monitor your site’s inventory.

Completing the mandatory initial Baseline Inventory by December 31, 2019, will satisfy the Phase Zero (0) OT Asset Inventory requirement for 2019. Plant PO (funding) must be in place by June 30, 2019, to meet the requirement as dictated by P&G Information Security.

Compliance made easy

Compliance made easy

Address current inventory compliance requirements while reducing resource efforts for purchasing and implementation costs.

Make the most of your budget

Make the most of your budget

By leveraging tools and processes built and tested specifically for manufacturers, experience a more efficient, cost-effective, and accurate solution than previously available.

Achieve more in less time

Achieve more in less time

Avoid the need to manually locate assets when dealing with a cyber incident response request, which could result in containment delays and manufacturing downtime.

Added Value of a Cybersecurity Assessment

Optional for 2019 Calendar Year

Completing the initial Phase Zero Baseline Inventory alone increases visibility for OT assets but does not make your facility as secure and protected as it could be. Combining a Phase Zero Baseline Inventory with a Cybersecurity Assessment will help you better understand the risks to your operations. These assessments will provide valuable feedback to assist you in managing your systems by prioritizing critical issues and helping you make informed decisions regarding security, risk exposure, and overall system condition.

Increased Awareness

Increased Awareness

Taking a holistic approach to the security of your operations requires a close inspection of the systems, processes, and on-site vulnerabilities currently present. Having a fresh perspective of these vulnerabilities will provide the clarity needed to make the right decisions at the right time.

Mitigate Future Risk

Mitigate Future Risk

By identifying shortcomings, understanding management roles and identifying gaps in your current CSA standings now, you can be confident that the decisions you make today will secure the future of your organization.

One Solution Many Benefits

One Solution Many Benefits

Choosing to do both a Baseline Inventory and a Cybersecurity Assessment together reduces travel costs and duplication of costly resources. 

Project Outline

Watch Baseline Inventory & Cybersecurity Assessment Videos

Site leadership attend an introduction webinar or watch two prerecorded videos.

Complete Baseline Inventory Training Videos

Site leaders and technical personnel complete a series of hands-on videos.

Submit Site Information & Request Form

Site leadership fills out and submits site size and resource capacity information.

Attend Interstates Site Introduction Meeting

Interstates meets with site leadership to review site-specific scope and schedule.

Submit Purchase Order to Interstates

Based on the review meeting, site submits the correct purchase orders to Interstates.

Project Kickoff and Site Preparation
  • Interstates will initiate the project kickoff with the site, on average this will be 4 weeks prior to onsite engagement.
  • Site leadership and technical resources will complete pre-onsite documentation and preparation.
  • Interstates will assist with preparation and line up resources and regional schedules.
Onsite Baseline Inventory and Cybersecurity Assessment Work
  • Interstates, site leadership, and technical resources engage the onsite inventory and assessment work.
  • For 5 days, Interstates will complete inventory training and initiate the inventory collection.
  • Interstates will work closely with site leadership to complete the Cybersecurity Assessment.
Inventory Data Upload, Review, and Management

Interstates and site technical resources complete data upload for review and reporting.

Begin the Engagement Process

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