National Traveling Group Gives to Prevent Human Trafficking

This blog post was written by Sharz Neitge.

Our Gift

In honor of our recent achievement of working 1,000,000 Hours Without a Recordable incident, each regional office is making a donation to a local cause or charity. On behalf of the National Traveling group, we donated $2,000 to The New Colossus. Our donation will play a key role in supporting the impactful mission and work of The New Colossus as they continue promoting human trafficking education, awareness, and prevention. Interstates VP of Project Execution, Wayne McDaniel, said, “We were happy to make a contribution to such a worthy cause. As a society, we must bring this subject to light and put a stop to it.”

About The New Colossus

The New Colossus strives to provide adequate and appropriate education to first responders in the context of human trafficking by offering a tailored training or presentation specified to their needs. The organization’s goal is to provide the tools necessary to identify vulnerabilities that could lead to victimization and educate on the signs and red flags. By educating at-risk populations, the organization puts developed systems in place to empower individuals to see the signs, be aware, and potentially prevent victimization.

Watch for more blogs on each of our regional office donations!