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Meeting the demands of the “now economy” and rising consumer expectations means your warehouses and distribution centers must be smart, dependable, and safe. No matter if your facility is greenfield or retrofitted, you should be confident that when you hit GO everything will fire up as it should. Staying nimble while markets fluctuate isn't easy, but our solutions get your product to market sooner, helping you follow through on commitments and build trust with your clients.

Whether you're in cold storage, meat processing, or material handling and distribution, you're looking for a better way to complete projects. Relying on our electrical design-build solutions will keep you competitive in a high-demand world. Automation eliminates errors and simplifies your warehousing processes, all while collecting timely and accurate data to help you make better decisions. Our experts are ready to make your facilities safer and more efficient, from conduit and wire for transfer conveyor systems to networking and security systems. Greenfield builds, upgrades, service calls, and ongoing maintenance – we’ve covered it all.

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We were genuinely impressed with the Interstates team’s professionalism and support. Their clear understanding of project expectations and knowledge of the industry requirements provided both the [general contractor] and the client the assurance that the electrical design met or in many cases exceeded the electrical building code."

Director - Industrial, General Contractor Creekstone Farms Refrigerated Distribution Center Project
Project Spotlight

Creekstone Farms

Completion Date: 2020 | Location: Arkansas City, KS

Creekstone Farms, located in the heart of cattle country, is committed to producing consistently superior beef and pork for restaurants, butcher shops, and other customers. To achieve the highest level of quality, they need control over every aspect of the production process. When they came to us wanting to double their production and automate the plant's distribution process, we answered the challenge with value‐adding innovation and resourcefulness. Through skilled planning and coordination, the project was delivered successfully and safely, and Creekstone Farms can now continue to deliver top-quality products to their customers.

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