Let’s Talk: Why Use UL Listed Panels

We have provided UL 508A Listed panels for over 25 years from our Sioux Center office. We have now added UL 508A listing capability from our Rocky Mountain Regional Office in Fort Collins, CO. UL is the largest and most widely known Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory in the US. UL 508A is the standard for safety for industrial control equipment rated 600 volts or less.

Our experienced engineers and electricians ensure these panels and components meet compliance regulations. When you consult with our team, we will work with you to understand your needs and provide you with the best panel solution.


E-Houses: Repeatable, Safe, & Cost-Effective

Interstates’ recent work on a new cage-free egg-laying facility in the Midwest, included building and installing modular solutions called e-houses. Using e-houses instead of traditional electric rooms has myriad benefits, including…

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