Let’s Talk Support: Helping You Remotely

Interstates can keep your plants running smoothly during staffing or travel constraints caused by COVID-19.  With over 60 years of electrical experience and the technology to diagnose and solve your issues remotely, Interstates’ Help Line service is ready to safely support you with troubleshooting, maintenance, and monitoring.


Modernizing for Ancient Grains

According to TIME magazine*, Sergio Nuñez de Arco is the "King of Quinoa," an ancient grain and superfood ever increasing in popularity. Nuñez de Arco founded Andean Naturals to bring quinoa to the world. It recently…

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Innovating in the New Normal

Let’s face it, the current times are uncertain and challenging. You’ve heard that over and over again, but why shouldn’t we all just hunker down and wait it out? Our answer is…

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