Mindset Matters: Are You Ready for Lean IPD?

The industry is rapidly changing, and Lean Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is overcoming some of the pitfalls of traditional contractingThe traditional approach might be the most familiar choice, but high costs, delays and never-ending claims can take their toll – and there’s no indication that these problems can be solved without significant change. When you’re ready to shift your mindset and your future, you’ll need a project partner focused on re-integrating the industry. That’s the philosophy behind the Lean IPD approach to industrial capital project delivery. You don’t have to settle, and it doesn’t have to be any riskier. With Lean IPD, you align a committed team around your project goals on day one and then let that team solve the challenges along the way.

Lean IPD contracting is a more partnered contracting method where aligning goals and meeting conditions of satisfaction are paramount. If you’re tired of traditional contracting and disappointed in the same old results and recurring problems, you might be ready for a change.

Lean IPD fundamentals: 

  • Collaboration. You can aggressively pursue the future of capital projects with Lean IPD by aligning goals and building the exact team you want. Team goal alignment is the core of project success. 
  • Respect for People. If your organization’s culture is like ours, respect is foundational. Lean IPD assumes the mindset of respecting all members of the team and valuing them broadly for their contributions. There is a better way, and it’s human – not technical.  
  • Safety. Lean IPD moves work offsite, lowering opportunities for injuries or accidents on your jobsite. A focus on Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) enables more offsite construction and reduces risk.  
Shifting to Lean IPD Makes Sense

A more integrated approach has inherent value. With a partnering mindset, you can achieve common goals and drive success through your aligned team. Instead of doing it the way it’s always been done, the client’s business needs are considered at the outset, and Lean IPD is scaled to bring the smartest approach and adjustments to the project. That’s how results are driven – through a great team and great process. “Specifying it in” hasn’t worked. The Lean IPD delivery process unleashes the human potential to solve problems in a team and succeeds.   

A commitment to offsite work is a hallmark of the Lean IPD approach. Prefabrication and Modularization save time and money by taking work out of the field, reducing safety hazards and risks. Our industrial clients know the value of offsite work, and our commitment to safety, quality, and productivity is only underscored by our moving more work offsite.  

Compare traditional contracting approaches with Lean IPD. Learn about the differences. We think you’ll see the potential and why change is needed. Interstates is committed to an integrated, goal-aligned capital projects industry. Where do you see the future of capital projects?

If you’re ready to explore this new capital project delivery approach, we can go there together. Interstates is embracing change and actively pursuing like-minded partners to take real steps toward more collaboration, more innovation, and more project success.

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Dave Crumrine, President


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