Leading the Interstates Way

“Leading the Interstates Way”. This phrase has closed several blog posts. But what does it really mean?

It probably means something a little different for everyone. With this blog post, I hope to get some insight about what this phrase means to you.

Your assignment is to share your thoughts. I’m asking each EIL participant and each mentor to post a comment to the blog with two ideas of what you believe “Leading the Interstates Way” means. There are no wrong answers; I am simply looking for insight into your thoughts about leading the Interstates Way.

In 2014, we want to make sure we are all “Leading the Interstates Way”. So take this as an opportunity to step out and share your ideas.

I will kick it off with one of my ideas about “Leading the Interstates Way”:

I believe that ‘Leading the Interstates Way” means living out our Core (Core Values, Vision Statement and our Why).


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