Leadership Series: Inspiration Behind The Ramhorst Training Center

Most of the conference rooms here at Interstates are named after well known people and leaders. The Ramhorst Training Center is no different. It is named after one of our company leaders, Darrel H. Ramhorst. The room is designed for large groups and teaching. It is very fitting that the room is named after him.

Darrel was the first electrical engineer for Interstates and was the leader of the engineering group until his retirement.  Darrel had a true passion for teaching and was eager to help others learn. He had an incredible memory and knew the code book front-to-back. In fact, he knew the code book so well that he taught annual code updates at the “Keyman Seminars”. For those who have been at Interstates long enough, you know about the “Keyman Seminars!” One fond memory I have of Darrel during his time at Interstates was when he took a group of us to a trade show in Kansas City. At the show, he took the time to carefully explain every piece of equipment to us; what it was, how it worked, and what electrical devices would typically be mounted to it.

Darrel’s method of teaching continues at Interstates today and we’re proud to have given his name to our training center.


Mike Van Es, Interstates Senior Project Leader


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