Leadership Series: Inspiration Behind The Einstein Collaboration Room

At Interstates, teamwork is a key part of our culture. We encourage collaboration across the organization and offer numerous spaces for our teams to gather. The unique thing about our conference rooms and collaboration areas is that many have been named after an inspirational person or place. One of our newest spaces is the Einstein Collaboration Room in Sioux Center. The purpose of the room is to provide our employees with a space that fosters collaboration. The Einstein Room is much more than a traditional meeting room; it features walls of whiteboards for brainstorming, large tables with comfortable seating, and video conference technology for easy communication between regional offices.

We felt this unique space deserved the name of a historic individual who represented innovation and collaboration. Albert Einstein received worldwide recognition for his general theory of relativity and a Nobel Prize for his contributions to quantum theory. His creative thinking and dedication to innovation transformed science. Einstein’s achievements also influenced philosophy, art, and literature. He truly pursued a better way and we couldn’t think of a name more fitting for this collaboration space.


Interstates Marketing Team


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